When is the Last Time You Stepped Into a Video Store?

The days of visiting your neighborhood video store and chatting up the local clerk appear to be over. Technology, in the form of computers and the internet, has revolutionized the way we rent movies and it has happened in a very short period of time. While the new Redbox devices make it easy to rent a DVD when at the grocery store or gas station, it is difficult to match the ease of online ordering. Companies like Netflix and Intelliflix have become resources for subscription rentals where users maintain an online rental list. It is interesting to note that Blockbuster was the rare company to make the transition from a store based business to an online presence. Here are some advantages to online ordering.

1.) The pricing is well worth the value: For the store price of renting 3 DVD’s, you can get unlimited DVD’s from Netflix. The faster you watch movies, the faster the next one will come that is available on your list. Not only that, but you can try it for free. Netflix, as well as most of the other prominent online rental companies, offer free trials for a period of two weeks to a month.

2.) No late fees: Returning movies is easy to forget and circumstances out of one’s control could make a trip to the store impossible. That’s never a worry with online rental companies. They simply won’t let you have another movie until you return it. Otherwise, they have your charge debit or credit card, and sooner or later you’ll be buying the DVD if you don’t return it in the mail.

Let’s face it, with online DVD rentals becoming the norm, there’s hardly a reason to leave your home for entertainment—thanks to all the great advancements in technology. So sit back, relax, click, and enjoy the latest movie releases.