Quick Ways to Revamp Your Writing

In order to become a well-known writer, especially online, it is important to build up an audience which regularly returns to read your new articles. The best way to do this is by producing high-quality, up-to-date material which both informs and educates — and even inspires! Looking for some tips to boost your traffic? Try following these tips, and watching the new readers grow.

Write for Various Audiences

Make sure your pieces aren’t aimed towards a single class of people and are readable by anyone. The best way to do this is by ensuring you have an even tone, use common language and include the full story in your article — briefly summarize, so readers don’t feel “left behind,” or that they need to do additional research to understand.

Be Eye-Catching

Reading a wall of text is rarely appealing. Choose a font which is easy to read, and stick with bold colors. Make use of bullet points, paragraphs and sub headings, and draw attention with a cool graphic; these will make your writing stand out, and easier to read.

Work On Your SEO

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Make sure you only publish your work to respected sites, and never plagiarize. Search engines will punish you for this and make finding your work more difficult. If you publish to your own sites, spend some time increasing key words and page rank, and making sure the information is useful; if people enjoy it, they are more likely to share it!

Join Social Media

It goes without saying that sites such as Facebook are everywhere these days, and should be used as valuable marketing tools. Join Twitter and Facebook and engage with your audience – don’t just share your own work, as this is likely to put off potential followers, but carefully placed links to your own work can boost your audience, and increase your market.

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Guest Write

Whether it’s for a popular website or your local newspaper, guest write whenever you can. This will help your writing to reach a completely new audience and allow this audience to search out your usual work. Make sure you include a hyperlink to your website, or the address, and any additional necessary information.

Be Proud Of Your Work

Sometimes, writing can become a chore; like every job, there are times that you just aren’t in the mood, and don’t feel your best. Try to avoid writing at these times or at least ensure you can revisit the articles to improve them later — bad articles will damage your reputation and your relationship with your audience. Take a break every now and again, and make sure you are truly proud of each piece before you submit it. If you can guarantee it is your best, you have the best chance of success!