Marketing and Search Engines: Why are They Important?

The key of any good website is to attract traffic. Traffic equals customers. It’s like any other storefront business: if three people come in, you have less potential to make money than if 100 people come in. On the net the same principles apply. The confusion in driving Internet traffic to sites, versus getting people out to the storefronts, is that people think they are two entirely different concepts of marketing. Some believe that one has to approach bringing foot traffic and cyber traffic in different ways.

The reality of marketing, be it on foot, or in cyberspace, never changes. The idea is to cast a wide enough net to get people out and shopping. For those who own a store-front business, it has to do with local television and radio ads as well as local print ads. For those looking to generate traffic to websites, they need to pop up at the top of search engines.

The Internet has two types of users: those who know where they are going, and those who aren’t sure. They are the same users, but just pop up at different times. It’s important for websites to appear at the top of search engines so that those who are searching at random be linked to the site.

While this sounds easy, it is anything but. It takes time, commitment and energy. It takes a better working knowledge of the Internet. The best ways to get to the top of Internet search engines are to be a place that is visited as often as possible or to have your site pop up in keyword searches as much as possible.

The challenge to getting on top of search engines is one that takes planning and a lot of research. It’s about getting in tune with what prospective customers are searching for online and the best way to get your customer to come across your website.