How Google Realtime Search Can Potentially Change Search Engines

With the increase in social networking and the need to know what is happening immediately, Google has updated and released a search engine that’s whole purpose is to keep you updated about a specific subject. Google Realtime Search gives you the ability to know what is going on with a certain situation and what people are saying about it.

Google is no longer just a search engine, but it working to become something that will be around years from now. With it’s release of the Android and the availability of Google Realtime Search, it is safe to say that Google will be around. Google Realtime Search is easy and fun to use.

This Google search does all of the searching for you. It works by pulling in information from different services. For examples, it pulls in information from news sources and social networking sites. This gives you the ability to follow the news and the gossip without having to open more than one window in your Internet browser.

Google Realtime Search pulls in so much information that you may become overwhelmed. Do not worry; you are able to control the information arriving by limiting the search geographically and with conversation view. The geographical tool of Google Realtime gives you the options of anywhere, search nearby, or customize your location. This helps Google sort through the information for you to find the relevant information to your topic. While the geographical tool lets you limit the information to where you are (you do not even have to put where you are from), the conversation view helps you piece together all of the information you are given from beginning to end.

Not only does Google Realtime Search get all of the information for you, but it also helps you piece everything together so that you can figure out if that street is blocked or if the earthquake was felt across town.