How Do Computer Search Engines Work?

How does a person find what he needs on the Internet? One popular method is to use a search engine, which is a program designed to find online information. The results of the search are usually given in a list on a webpage. Some of the more popular search engines are Google, Bing, Alta Vista, Yahoo, and Excite.

The information provided may be web pages, graphics, or information. Some search engines find information in databases or open directories. These websites work by sending out ‘spiders’ to retrieve documents. The spiders ‘crawl’ web pages, index the information, and then follow that site’s links to other pages. Algorithms turn the search into meaningful results.

A search query may be a single word or a phrase. A person enters a search query by using key words. The search engine then checks its index and gives the list of matching web pages in relevant order with a brief summary of the document. This method of finding information is the most useful when the results are relevant. There are likely to be millions of web pages with the particular word or phrase queried; however, certain pages are more popular or authoritative.

The way a search engine decides on the ranking differs. Search engines use one of two methods to display results. The first method is a system in which a person has programmed the engine to display the results based on an established and hierarchical keyword system. In the second method, the search engine analyzes the texts it finds.

Most of the search engines are business ventures that make money by advertising, so they may allow advertisers to pay for higher rankings. The search engines that don’t accept money for their results listings earn money by having search-related ads on the side of the search engine results. They get paid each time somebody clicks on an ad.

By using a search engine, you can quickly find what you need online.