Desktop Google

The Google Toolbar just isn’t quick enough for me. I want a Google search box right down there on my start bar. What? There isn’t something like that? There is now…

Chris’s Desktop Google is born. Just too lazy to open a browser window? Prefer Netscape to IE?

This program puts a little search box on your start bar. Type in a query and hit Enter and it will fire up your default web browser and instantly perform a search on Google for the query you entered.

To get the software, for free, click here.

Install the software and pay careful attention to the instructions at the end. Just to re-iterate, when the setup program has finished you need to:

Find a blank spot on your start bar that contains no icons, buttons or anything else. Right Click it, you will get a menu up. One of the options is “Toolbars”. Choosing that will give a sub-menu, one option of which is “Chris’s Desktop Google” – select it.