Computers Have Opened Doors That We Didn’t Know Existed

The Internet was still a little-known entity even as recently as the early ‘80s. Only a few people “surfed the web” then, but as content grew, so did the number of users. What followed was an influx of websites on practically every subject imaginable.

With the growth of the internet came the need for more advanced and varied programs to run tasks. Open source programs like Open Office are created by developers and used by the public for free.  Developers continue to evaluate and develop the programs while they are being used.  Today many people are looking for new ways to download and view music and video files.  There are developers out there working on this and several programs like VLC are available for you to try for free. Xvid is another such program for downloading multimedia and developers are constantly improving and updating in an effort to keep up with the rapid advancement of technology.

As the possibilities became a reality, search engines (the “doors” that opened the Internet) began to proliferate almost as fast as the websites that you could find with them. A few keywords typed into a “search” box could produce over one million “hits” or results. These hits provide information on anything from how many people live in one part of your country to how many people live in a particular country thousands of miles away.

The doors have continued to open as technology has advanced. It is possible to now look at a particular spot almost anywhere on Earth. In other words, you are no longer limited to just a road map. You can now find a particular house on a particular street and in some cases “walk” up to the front door. You might not be able to enter, but you can certainly get very close.

This is only one example of the doors that can be opened. Search engines and websites give you the access; you just have to figure out which ones will take you where you want to go.

Search engines and the websites to which they take you can be very helpful when it comes to doing research, which is a primary reason many people use the Internet. But, with all the choices you have, it may be hard to decide where you can find credible information. One way you can make your search easier is by using keywords that are as specific as possible. By making your keywords specific, you can narrow the results to a more manageable number, but still be able to get the information you need.

In the past, downloading large files was an effort and with the “old” dial up connections, it was extremely slow and next to impossible.  Today we have open source programs available for free like FileZilla – cross platform FTP software and Ares, the largest file sharing network making downloading large files simply and quick.  Now we can download and share large files in a few seconds and communications just got better.  Another door opened in the vast world of computing.