Multi-tiered SEO Campaigns Often Work Best

As any website developer knows, search engine optimization strategies can have the power to boost a page’s ratings significantly. Why, then, do so many online business owners find that they don’t get the results that they want from their SEO campaigns. More often than not, people don’t get the results that they expect because they have not implemented a multi-tiered SEO campaign that will attract traffic in several ways.

Keywords and Link Building

Without the right keywords, you can forget about ever getting much traffic at your website. Search engines identify useful pages by locating keywords that match search queries. Investing in keywords, therefore, can help boost traffic that wants to find pages like yours. When including keywords, however, you have to know what phrases will give you an advantage over your competitors. Usually, you will want to sprinkle variations of your keyword focus throughout your site.

Search engines give higher rankings to pages that look important. Focusing on the number of incoming links gives them idea of which sites have the greatest authority. It is possible to manipulate your site’s ranking by having other pages link to it. This can mean starting a large number of pages on your own. It might take a larger investment, but this strategy can increase traffic significantly.

These SEO strategies can take a couple of weeks or months to show their true benefits.

PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click campaigns are the fastest ways to boost traffic. You don’t have to wait for your SEO strategies to have a cumulative effect when you use them. Instead, you pay search engines to list your page at the tops of their pages. Your traffic can literally increase within a few hours, especially if you are willing to pay for popular keywords.